• Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

    By on November 11, 2015

    Misael Payares, a leader of Las Pavas negotiates with riot police during the eviction of 2009.

    In Colombia the problem is not so much unjust laws, as it is the failure to apply existing laws and legislation in a timely manner. The communities Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Colombia accompany are hugely affected by these failures, as is the entire country. In effect such delays result in the continued impunity for perpetrators of crimes, thereby undermining the rule of law’s ability to prevent future crimes. Victims are not only denied justice and compensation; they are also at risk of becoming repeat victims of repeat offenders.
  • Social Processes that Transform Reality

    By on April 2, 2014

    Comunidad Garzal and Nueva Esperanza

    In my great misery the Lord found me, reached down in the mud and rescued me.
    He has seated me with kings and has let me rest.
    He told me that he loved me and restored me, slowly gave me what the world could never give.
    It is true that I am old but my hope stands firm,
    As I move from church to church, writing verses of the Word
    Just as before, I sing and sing,
    Brining songs that fill my soul with joy,
    Giving all my praise to Jesus Christ.

    He is the owner of my life, He is the owner of my soul.

  • Displaced leader returns to community

    By on January 16, 2014
    On Friday January 10th, Salvador Alcántara, pastor and leader for the community of El Garzal and Nueva Esperanza, and his family returned to their home. Paramilitary threats forced pastor Salvador and his family to leave El Garzal in June of 2013.

    After 7 difficult months away from family and church community, Salvador glowed with joy as he and his family unloaded boxes and swept away cobwebs. “I am thrilled to be home” he said over dinner with his children and grandchildren, “now I really feel free”.

    “now I really feel free”

    CPT accompanied Salvador in his return home and was also present during a meeting where Salvador and other community leaders from El Garzal and Nueva Esperanza met with the mayor, the military, the police, and the municipal Human Rights officer to discuss a more concrete security plan now that Salvador is living in El Garzal again.

  • Other Nations deserve to live Strong and Free as well

    By on July 17, 2013
    On Sunday, August 18th, young men and women from the rural communities of the Segovia and Remedios municipalities of in the department of Antioquia took to the streets armed with frustration, courage, adrenaline, and, yes, sticks and stones. They went out to the streets of Segovia to express their frustration at a system that has abandoned them to live in conditions that no human should be asked to endure.

    This action is part of a larger national protest. All over Colombia small farmers, miners, the indigenous, truckers, teachers, healthcare workers, coffee and cacao growers and other agricultural sectors have joined together to cry out that they are tired of the conditions they have been asked – by the Colombian government – to endure in order to join the wider world economy.

  • Lilia’s Story

    By on March 25, 2013

    Lilia and Julie

    When I kept looking for someone to support my case, I received threats against my four children and myself.

    This is Lilia’s story. Julie and I have been taking shifts in the 24 hour a day accompaniment of Lilia in her home a few miles from our office in the city. She is spending most of her time resting in her room after her recent surgery. Now she’s sitting with me in the in main room of her small brick house in a barrio with dirt streets and many poor families side by side.

    “In 1998 we were living close to the military base outside of San Pablo when my husband was killed on the road on his way home.

  • Crucito, Tierralta, Córdoba

    By on March 10, 2013
    In early March CPT Colombia accompanied Giordano of CAHUCOPANA and a small delegation of popular education specialists to a rural sector of Tierralta, a town in Cordoba. (One of CPT Colombia’s local partners is CAHUCOPANA–a grass-roots campesino human rights organization of north-east Antioquia.) The communities are located on an artificial lake created by the Urrá hydroelectric dam. They are only accessible by water via the small port of Frasquillo after passing through military checkpoints of the adjacent military base. Since the building of the dam this busy little port has been under curfew; it former residents must now vacate the area before nightfall and are only allowed to return after sunrise.
  • 116 families celebrate!

    By on November 25, 2012
    Earlier this week INCODER, the government institution that oversees land titling and rural development forfeited the land away from Aportes San Isidro S.A., the palm oil company that had invaded the territories belonging to the community of Las Pavas. This decision is a significant step towards the rightful ownership of the land by the community. Read on for Las Pavas’ statement.

    116 families celebrate! ASOCAB is respectful of the decision of INCODER.

    We, the Farmers Association of Buenos Aires (ASOCAB), give thanks to God, in whom we believe. We also give thanks to all national and international organizations that have joined us in this process.

  • Just in Time!

    By on November 14, 2012

    Claudia Maria Mayorga, her son, Carlos Morales and family

    Today we give thanks to the God of life that Claudia Maria Mayorga, a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, friend and peace builder was released on November 1, 2012 after eight months of imprisonment. Earlier this year she was charged with rebellion for allegedly conspiring against the Colombian state. Her friends and family never lost hope; partly because she always had the help of lawyers but above all because of the resilience of this beautiful family.

    Her arrest is an example of the many injustices perpetrated on a daily basis by the state against Colombian human rights workers and the facts of which never surface.