• A Farmer’s Hands

    By on September 1, 2015
    There is nothing so beautiful than seeing the fruits of the land, planted by farmer’s hands which will soon make it to our table.

    The universe, pachamama (Mother Earth), the green earth calls to us shouting for her protection and care.  Some of us defend her; we protect and we protest alongside her, telling the world that we must love and take care of her.  It is important to highlight the work of our farmers, men and women who till this land, who take care of her as if she were one of their children and develop a special connection with her, she who feels and breathes like any one of us.  

  • In Divine Mathematics 14 Can Become 16. Or More!

    By on April 30, 2015
    Agroup of 13 women from different Christian churches and organizations working in human rights and peacebuilding in Colombia joined a Christian Peacemaker Teams’ (CPT) delegation during Easter Week of 2015. This delegation focused on the accompaniment of the campesino community of El Guayabo, part of the municipality of Puerto Wilches, Santander, Colombia.

    This community is comprised of approximately 250 families who have lived in the region on the banks of the Magdalena River for more than 28 years. Since 2002 they have struggled for their right to remain in the territory, resisting unlawful eviction on the part of the national police and military forces who have conspired and aligned themselves with a man who declared himself owner and inheritor of these lands, without ever having lived there.