• For how long will this war go on?

    By on May 8, 2015
    It is not the same thing, having land and a safe place to live, and being forced to flee to a dirty and dangerous city–a place you did not choose.

    How can a campesino continue to be a campesino far from her or his land? How can one still be a farmer amidst the  pain and anguish of a city? How can one be a campesino among paramilitaries, guerrillas and the army?

    In Micoahumado (a small town located in the southern Bolivar province) we witness a reality very different from the official one. The government portrays the campesinos as guerrilla members.

  • A Declaration of a Space for Peace

    By on November 14, 2014
    Yesterday, 70 community members of Guayabo established a space for peace. The women led the march flying banners and singing, setting up camp around the house currently occupied by Rodrigo López Henao’s men since the eviction of October 29th.

    Since the occupation of the property, Rodrigo’s men have destroyed about 100 plantain trees which the community today began replanting the seeds recovered.

    The intention of the community is to remain on the land surrounding the house until their situation is legally resolved and their land is returned to them. Through this declaration of a space for peace and their commitment to nonviolent acts of resistance they hope to visibilize their situation.